My family live in Madeira, and it’s a hot place, absolutely beautiful, known for it’s sights and Funchal and all it’s history and traditions. At the moment, this is Madeira ^.
People go around smoking cigarettes (sometimes not even finishing them) throwing them into the woods and because Madeira hasn’t had any rain in so long all the woods and leaves are completely dry thus causing a fire, and those of you who know Madeira see that a lot of houses have straw/wooden roofs so the fires catch on.
Firemen have been fighting these fires for DAYS without taking any rest to sleep and barely taking a rest to have anything to eat, yet they make a stupidly low amount of money a year. FOOTBALLERS KICK A FUCKING FOOTBALL AROUND AND GET PAID 100’S OF THOUSANDS A WEEK. 
ARMY SERVICEMEN are constantly on the struggle to save people from the countries they’re fighting in, fighting for us so that the war doesn’t come anywhere near civilians, fighting the sneaky fucking taliban who all deserve to be shot, yet again… FOOTBALLERS DO FUCK ALL AND ARE STILL GETTING PAID MORE. 
POLICE OFFICERS put away the bad guys. They make sure that we can walk our streets maybe not in all safety but safer than what it would of been if there was one more criminal on the street. They too also risk their lives on a daily basis to put the bad guys away… however. FOOTBALLERS KICK A SPHERE PUMPED WITH AIR AROUND AND STILL GET PAID MORE.
And the government tries to get young people to like them… REALLY?! 
Please REBLOG so people understand how serious this is. I know it may be far away and not affect people, but it needs to get across 
  • Posted: Wednesday July 18th, 2012 at 11:14pm
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      I’m honestly tired of this soccer bullshit where players get more money than deserved. We have the same issues in France...
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